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Old vs New

Common Problems in Traditional Floors

Random Cracking

Bad concrete, uneven sub-base, thin slab, delayed saw-cutting, poor workmanship and bad design can all lead to a severely cracked floor.

Too many Joints

The conventional strip construction method results in construction joints every 3 to 4 meters, leading to accelerated floor damage.

Dusting Surface

Poor finishing techniques, wrong concrete mix, and incorrect use of dry-shake hardener result in a concrete slab that is porous.

Damaged Edges

Lack of load transfer mechanism across joints, warped formwork, and lack of edge protection cause rapid deterioration of floor edges.

Main Components of Engineered Floors

Wide Panels

With laser screed technology we can lay 25m by 25m wide panels in a single pour. This results in a 70 to 80% reduction in construction joints.

Steel Reinforcement

Laying a steel mesh or adding steel fibers in concrete increases the slab's strength and is instrumental in eliminating cracking in concrete.

Edge Protection & Load Transfer

A proprietary steel armoured joint and plate dowel system protects the construction joints from heavy traffic and ensures smooth load transfer.

Surface Hardening

Using dry-shake hardener increases the surface's abrasion resistance and using a Silicate based densifier makes the floor hard, dust-free, and glossy.