Yugal Concrete Floors

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Machines & Tools

We own the best in class machines & tools imported from the leading flooring equipment manufacturers across the world.

We deeply understand that machines are only as good as the men who operate them. We regularly invest in training our staff for the latest technologies and inculcate good engineering practices in them.

Select List of Equipment We Own

Somero Boom Screed S10A

Walk Behind Trowel

High Speed Grinder

Precision Optical Level

Highway Straight Edge

Somero Laser Screed XD 3.0

Modular Truss Screed

High Speed Burnisher

Precision Laser Transmitter

Saw Beam

Somero Laser Screed XD 1.5

Barikell Ride on Trowel

Groove Cutting Machine

Dust Collector

Fresno Broom